Diane Lauwers is head of office administration.

 She handles all administrative issues and is our key contact towards suppliers.
After an extensive career in the security department at De Beers, with key responsibilities on staff follow-up and administration, she then operated for two years in the resource department of Cronos.

Contact: d.lauwers@konoservices.com

Katrien T’Jonck is resource manager at KSM. Katrien started her ICT career in 1990. She worked as Recruitment and Resource Manager for companies like Tree Associates, Delphy Consultants and later Admiral. For CMG and LogicaCMG she was active as planning co-ordinator for Eurocontrol, Agfa and Bayer in Antwerp and Leverkusen.

Contact: k.t’jonck@konoconsultants.com

Katrien Cavents is our second resource manager. In 1992 Katrien joined Belgacom in the after sales department. She transferred to the Mob2 division in 1995 as general co-ordinator, a division now operated by Proximus. A number of years later she moved to the after sales department of Proximus.

Contact: k.cavents@konoconsultants.com

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